Inspiring Humanity to Protect Our Creatures & Seas



Creating Eco-Conscious CG Animated Films & Related Merchandise
Eco Ark Entertainment offers our partners, sponsors and investors a low risk investment opportunity at a most critical and opportune time. Global awareness of, and concern for the loss of wildlife and humanity’s impact on the environment has never been stronger. As well, CG animated films are seeing an unprecedented level of success at the box office.

Disney’s most recent, Oscar-winning blockbuster film FROZEN recently passed the ONE BILLION DOLLARS mark at the box office to become the most successful animated feature film in theaters of all time! Blue Sky’s latest eco-conscious film Rio 2 also enjoyed enormous success at the box office. In fact, a number of recent CG animated films with strong environmental themes have enjoyed tremendous success at the box office in recent years including films such as: Happy Feet, Wall-E, the Lorax, Turtle Tale and Epic to name a few.

Blending Films with Philanthropy & Making Movies that Matter

It is our belief that we can create equally successful animated feature films and enjoy a similar level of box office success and still have plenty of profits to give back to our local community and both national and international charitable organizations.


By developing our projects with a ‘sustainable’ philosophy, we can create quality productions at a fraction of the major studios by reducing waste and streamlining our production costs. We will do this by keeping overhead to a minimum, using donated or ‘recycled’ hardware or other products and services, and whenever possible using off the shelf software and hiring quality professionals and key creative talent without incurring excessive big studio salaries.


Our plan is to build a co-op of world class professionals to forge mutually beneficial strategic partnerships using a virtual studio to supplement and streamline our Ohio based production hub.  By implementing these cost saving strategies, we are confident we can create a significant ROI for our partners and investors while also raising significant funds for our non-profit partners and helping support the causes we are most passionate about.


Our corporate platform will be to produce our projects and all of our ancillary licensed merchandise with as small a carbon footprint, er, ‘flipper print’ as possible.  And, bearing the fact that dolphins are one of the most popular animals in the world, we are confident that our flagship film Finney the Star Breacher will soar to unprecedented levels of box office success for an independent feature film. Everyone loves dolphins and the concern for our environment has never been greater!



Soaring into the future with High quality, Lower cost Family Friendly Entertainment 

While our main focus will be on developing original stories for print and screen, Starflyer Studios is aiming for the stars! With the advent of multiple cable channels, new formats and media markets and streaming opportunities, the prospects for sharing inspiring new stories and inspiring creative content to an awaiting global audience has never been more promising for independent producers. The array of new venues is opening new doors for aspiring filmmakers and storytellers and our hope is to be a powerhouse for developing quality content for both direct to DVD as well as theatrical and streaming release as well as cable and network TV. Our hope is to evolve our small boutique into a fully integrated TV/Film production company and to eventually grow our small business into one of the Midwest’s premier purveyors of super-cool, truly original, uplifting, eco-educational, and inspirational content; films, TV shows, books, apps and video games and a reliable and responsible trusted source for high quality, family focused Earth friendly state-of-the-art multi-media entertainment. We are superlative storytellers and movie-making magicians comprised of a consortium of new and well-seasoned creative genies who are truly adept at thinking and creating content outside of the box, er, genie bottle. We will not only be developing our own slate of original content for television, internet and film but will also be available on a project by project to assist new clients on a work for hire basis beginning in Summer 2018 for other individuals and companies seeking truly innovative writing or other creative production services for their media and other entertainment projects.


Our eloquent wordsmiths, animation wizards and super smart ‘tech genies’ are eagerly waiting to fulfill your creative fantasies and help your dreams take wing, because here at the Ark your creative wish is our command!


  • Company Description

Eco Ark Entertainment is a new, up and coming, independent TV/film and multi-media production company and creative boutique comprised of a small but powerful team of highly motivated seasoned creative professionals and an associated consortium of world class writers, producers and directors with the shared goal of producing inspiring, original, high-quality scripts and content for television, film and other media.


  • Our Mission

Founded by visionary Belinda R. Baker, our team is comprised of some of the industry’s most esteemed and creative professionals with epic panache and stratospheric levels of talent and industry knowledge. Our goal is to create truly original, imaginative spiritually inspiring content that provides family friendly quality entertainment. Our highest hope is to change the world for the better by developing TV shows and feature films that educate, entertain, elevate and inspire. Our motto is to make movies that matter and create profits with purpose. Yes, we do realize this is an exceptionally idealistic and altruistic goal but we also believe that it is possible to generate significant profits and still have plenty of money left to give back to others. And we hope someday to do this by developing our incredibly imaginative slate of original films and shows within a moderate budget and by containing costs and keeping overhead and unnecessary waste to a minimum.


By harnessing the best of modern technology and leveraging tax incentives, it has now become possible for creative visionaries and independent filmmakers to forge a viable path from script to screen. Thus our hope is to whip up some serious magic dust to dazzle and delight as we begin the next phase of our journey to bring our projects to life! So if you are interested in supporting our efforts or joining our team, or just are curious what new creative things we are cooking up or you have a vision or a talent that you wish to contribute or are just curious about what we are cooking up for the future, please give us a ring or send us an email, and we’ll reach back out to you at our earliest convenience!


We welcome any and all who wish to join us on our ambitious and noble journey to try to make the world a better, brighter and healthier place for all! And while Noah did ask that all creatures sailed aboard his boat in twos, you can board our ark solo if you wish to!

Illustrations by Malcolm Horton