tutrtle01Finney the Star Breacher is the inspiring story about an orphaned bottle-nosed dolphin who saves his imperiled pod from an ominous ‘Dark Wave’ threatening their once-idyllic world.


Finney’s magical tale has universal appeal and blockbuster potential; capturing the imagination with mystical, star breaching dolphins and adorable misfit sea creatures, while intertwining important messages about wildlife conservation and the sacredness of all life.


Dolphins are beloved creatures, rich in myth and mystery, and this refreshing new story has a timeless, mythical quality; the tale of one small dolphin who believed he could touch the stars and change the world. Finney’s glorious adventure is full of drama, humor, romance and fun…with surfer-tipping bully Badfins, the beautiful, precocious Finnessa, and Finney’s odd pod of sarcastic, misfit friends.


Finney’s story is both global and grand; a mystical, magical, soul- stirring adventure full of fun and enchantment for the whole family; a heart-warming fantasy and action-packed odyssey about following your heart and believing in your dreams. Finney is a timeless story whose time has come; a New Age Flipper & Lion King of the Seas.


Finney’s ‘tail’ story blends timeless, universal themes with lovable, kid-friendly characters into a glorious, mystical fairy-tale that will touch the hearts and inspire the dreams of young and old alike.


finney-finessa01When the magical reef kingdom of Delphinia is destroyed by human apathy, greed and ignorance, little prince Finney, a bottlenose dolphin with gravity-defying breaching abilities, is swept away in an ominous Dark Wave and orphaned. He is rescued and raised by a pod of poor Common Dolphin while his greedy uncle Scrawl takes over the herd and what’s left of the reef kingdom.


As the years go by Finney longs to find his place in the world. His heart tells him that he has the makings of a Great Podleader, but his Common status keeps him from pursuing his dream. When his pod begins to starve because of the pollution and over-fishing, Finney leaves home in search of fish and the last of the mythical Star Breachers.


Along the way he runs into a hilarious group of misfit sea creatures who help Finney realize his true worth and nobility, enabling him to take his place as the Great Podleader he was destined to be, as he saves his herd from drowning in a catastrophic oil spill and guides them to Fintopia, a man-made marine sanctuary.


Finney is a trailblazing, eco-conscious story that eloquently intertwines strong eco-conscious themes within a highly entertaining ‘Lion King’-type of story; a timeless hero’s journey that transcends cultures and ages.


Finney is a Flipper for today’s generation; a timeless hero with a timely mission. Concern about the environment is on everyone’s consciousness and opens up exciting opportunities for stories like Finney that can effectively intertwine an educational, environmental message within a highly entertaining story.







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