Once upon a time, movies were magical. And our hope is to create high quality films that will, once again, return us to a special time and place where we felt transported and enchanted by the films we saw on the ‘silver screen’ and the powerful, timeless tales that touched our souls and sometimes even changed our lives forever. But even more importantly we want to create films that serve a higher purpose and that will help preserve the natural resources, wonders and amazing creatures that are threatened with extinction, and save them for our children and future generations to enjoy, before they, too,  become the stuff of legend and fairytales.

Our aim is to create life affirming animated films that both educate and entertain. Our planis to use our films to help children, families, the environment, and all endangered animals!  Partial Proceeds from all of our productions will help a number of charities and will help us to establish the Eco Ark Scholarship Fund and the Eco Ark Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that will be created to support wildlife & environmental education, scholarship and conservation research.  Our hope is to inspire leadership and innovation, to nurture the imaginations and foster the leaders of the next generation, and encourage our youth to be better stewards of the planet today so as to protect endangered animals for tomorrow.






finny_cover2Finney the Star Breacher is the inspiring story about an orphaned bottle nosed dolphin who saves his imperiled pod from an ominous ‘Dark Wave’ threatening their once-idyllic world.


Finney’s magical tale has universal appeal and blockbuster potential; capturing the imagination with mystical, star breaching dolphins and adorable misfit sea creatures, while intertwining important messages about wildlife conservation and the sacredness of all life.


Dolphins are beloved creatures, rich in myth and mystery, and this refreshing new story has a timeless, mythical quality; the tale of one small dolphin who believed he could touch the stars and change the world.  Finney’s glorious adventure is full of drama, humor, romance and fun…with surfer-tipping bully Badfins, the beautiful, precocious Finnessa, and Finney’s odd pod of sarcastic, misfit friends.


Finney’s story is both global and grand; a mystical, magical, soul- stirring adventure full of fun and enchantment for the whole family; a heart-warming fantasy and action-packed odyssey about following your heart and believing in your dreams.  Finney is a timeless story whose time has come; a New Age Flipper & Lion King of the Seas.


Finney’s ‘tail’ story blends timeless, universal themes with lovable, kid-friendly characters into a glorious, mystical fairytale that will touch the hearts and inspire the dreams of young and old alike.






7 to 10 minute animated short film (part of a TV special: The Magical Tails of the Dolphin)
Format: Short film to be integrated into a 1 hour TV Special for World Oceans Day 2018. This special will include documentary style/eco-educational vignettes, inspiring stories of heroes for the seas, special guest appearances and musical performances and an introduction to our new animated hero for the seas Finney! Worldwide premier of the animated short film would also debut across the country at select IMAX theaters, special venues and at zoos, aquariums, etc.


Watch an exclusive preview of our upcoming animated adventure, Finney the Star Breacher then get splashed with stardust as Finney & Finnessa swim the cosmic seas in an all-new, spectacular 3D odyssey, Finney & the Keepers of the Celestial Pearl; a 7 to 12 minute short film that will dazzle and delight audiences of all ages!


This special film will debut in Spring 2018 in celebration of World Oceans Day on June 8, 2018. Our short film will be followed by an informative PSA about ocean and marine conservation! Sneak Peeks of our short film and trailers for our upcoming feature film, Finney the Star Breacher will debut this holiday season in theaters, on line and in select special venues; malls, museums, IMAX theaters and a zoo, aquarium or marine park near you!


Let your imagination soar as we take you on a breathtaking tour through the wonders of the heavenly seas then plunge you back to Earth as we follow Finney, Finnessa and their friends as they travel together on a deep sea journey of adventure and discovery, exploring the endless wonders and fragile beauty of the world’s endangered oceans and reefs.



In the Brush of Despair, A Gleaming Light of Hope

Our second film *Tusks of Hope* will begin production right after we launch Finney!
A Live Action/Animated Adventure by Belinda R. Baker

*A StarFlyer Studios Exclusive Production*
Now in Development

Set in a quiet village of the African savanna, this powerful live action/animated adventure blends a timeless love story with an enchanting heartrending tale of struggle, loss, triumph and redemption as a sad, orphaned elephant calf named Ella Grace and her lonely human caretaker Sophia, the adopted daughter of an embattled game reserve keeper, find joy, hope and love once again as they search for sanctuary and a sacred mythical relic amidst the chaos and ruin of their war-torn worlds.


Two orphans, one human, one elephant and a disillusioned son of a wealthy businessman form lasting bonds as they embark on a journey of mystery & intrigue to save an embattled game reserve and protect a struggling sanctuary for orphaned elephants.  As the riveting story unfolds, the young sentinels will uncover a corrupt poaching ring and illegal big game hunters as they seek out the help of an elusive, legendary creature; the mythical Opalinda, a magical white elephant with gleaming crystal tusks whom the locals say is guardian of an enchanted oasis of untold natural riches and hidden priceless treasures.


A World Oceans Day Special Presentation 

This enchanting program will feature cameos from different ocean activists and celebrity guests relaying amazing true stories of dolphin heroism, altruism, emotion and intelligence, incredible ‘fin’ facts and their own special ‘close encounters of the dolphin kind’.


Incredibly fascinating and found in all the world’s oceans, dolphins (and their bigger cousins, the whales) are one of the most popular animals on Earth but human activity and changes in the oceans temperature and acidity are having a serious impact on man’s best aquatic friend. This very special program will explore our unique bond and connection with these wondrous sentient beings and why protecting the world’s oceans and reefs, and the choices we make on a day to day basis, will have a direct and lasting impact on their future and the future of all the ocean’s inhabitants.


The content of this family friendly program could also be expanded into a 2 hour special presentation or packaged as a 4 to 6 part mini-series. (Note: The program will also include Finney & the Keepers of the Celestial Pearl; an eco-conscious animated short film adventure!)



A hot headed raccoon, an angry buck and army of fed-up rodents declare full scale war on the humans and their ‘machines of mass animal destruction’ seeking revenge to get the careless humans to stop running them over, polluting their food supplies, and plundering their homes. Though bent on revenge, the angry beast’s tempers will be tamed when Pasha the possum and Boho the bear come up with a more humane solution. They believe all conflicts can be resolved by peaceful negotiation and that the best way to stop the out of control ‘car’nage is to have a peaceful pow-wow with the humans and win their hearts over. But as animals can’t speak human, they are faced with a communication problem.


The exasperated rodents will consult with Oma, a wise and mystical old owl who explains that greed, disillusionment and cynicism have made most grown-up humans blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to animals; that they have lost touch with God and nature, and so no longer possess the ability to talk to the animals. Oma explains that the ability of the humans to commune with the creatures was lost long ago, as their minds closed and their hearts became hardened and they became more fixated on the accumulation of material things. And so their best hope lies in reaching the adults through their children. Pasha’s plan is to lead by example with random acts of kindness while attempting to change their own natural behaviors and wild ways hoping that by turning the other cheek, or tail, they will trigger the humans to do the same and act in more kind and compassionate ways.


In this hilarious romp, man will have met his match and our roads will never be the same! While this film will have plenty of laughs, the story has a lot of heart as well and is sure to bring some tears with its touching and tender moments about the beauty and fragility of life and the sad and serious plight of our wildlife and the unfortunate numbers of animals that die tragically on our highways each and every year. The mission and hope of this film is that we can spark conversation about how to curb animal collisions and deaths on our highways as well as protecting wildlife and habitats in general before they disappear.


The Truth Behind the “Tail”

Peter Cottontail needs a bride and it’s a hare-y big deal!

cotton_poster01An animated adventure about the magic of Easter, the power of faith and how true love is more than fur-deep. Mrs. Cotton’s Tail puts a modern day twist on a revered holiday fairy tale.


CG Animated Feature film, 90 minutes if theatrical   (55 to 85 minutes if made for TV/cable)
Format:  Easter holiday special with a modern twist & an environmental/conservation theme.



Cottontail poster new skySynopsis:  Man’s neglect for the natural world and abuse of the environment and wildlife has led to a serious shortage of bunnies to help deliver Easter cheer.  And so the most famous bachelor bunny of all, Peter Cottontail himself must find a bride in time to replenish the supply! The search is on! Peter Cottontail needs a wife and it’s a hare-y big deal!!


A Beautiful New Furry Tail for Easter. An enchanting new holiday fantasy for the whole family!



































glimmer_poster0190 minutes, Fantasy/Action Adventure

Format:  CG Animation






  • Finney the Star Breacher (feature film)
  • Finney & the Keepers of the Celestial Pearl
  • Roadkill Rebellion
  • Tusks of Hope (Live Action/Animated hybrid)
  • Glimmer’s Wings
  • Mrs. Cotton’s Tail
  • My Magical Moccasins
  • Cinder Fella
  • April Snow
  • When the Waters Call

Fun-Sized Films

  • Tiara the Last Tigress
  • Willow the Warrior; The Last Wild Wolf
  • The Story of Shiva; The Last Blue Whale
  • Kayla the Koala & Kiley the Kangaroo
  • Gorgeous the Mountain Gorilla

Documentaries & Specials

  • Enlightened: Keeping the Faith in a Secular Age
  • Dysconnected: Coming Unplugged in a Tech Stressed Age
  • A Twist in Time: The Story of Gymnastics
  • The Magical Tails of the Dolphin


  • Crazy Critter Contests
  • Bucket List Genie
  • Dare Dreamers
  • Drab to Fab: Midlife Miracle Make Overs
  • Furry Jobs
  • The Chrysalis
  • Training Tails
  • WPLSTY in Cincinnati
  • Kentucky Hiltbillies
  • Made by U.S.
  • Extreme Green
  • Polar Opposition
  • Iglood
  • Recycle Me
  • Unbreak My Heart
  • The Age-O-Naughts