Kids and adults alike will be entertained, inspired and delighted by this magical book.


The story opens with the birth of young dolphin prince Finney who, according to cetacean prophecy, is destined to become a great pod-leader and save his herd from an impending environmental catastrophe (a massive, hurricane-driven oil spill) by moving the hearts of humanity to become better caretakers of the Earth and all creatures of land, sky and sea.


The story continues with the orphaning of this curious little dolphin boy with the conspicuously big tail and follows the young hero on his treacherous journey to find himself and his place in the world, as well as the missing half of a giant blue pearl… an ancient, sacred orb that legend says contains the very secrets of the universe and powers of the sea; a mysterious, mystical talisman that can transform ordinary dolphins into sky-flying ‘star breachers’.


This highly prized gem is said to be last seen in Fintopia, the legendary shores of cetacean lore and a paradise for porpoises, and so Finney must venture north into cold unknown seas to meet the only animal on Earth who may know how to find it…a mysterious and wizardly old Beluga whale rogue who will mentor his reluctant apprentice in the mystical ways of the Current and old cetacean codes.


A beautifully illustrated young readers novel, Finney will be soon be available at many retail venues and this web site. Order your hard copy or ebook today! Please check back with us or at your local bookstores, zoos and aquariums for details and updates.

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Partial proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated by the author
to a variety of non-profit organizations helping to protect the oceans and marine mammals!



A Young Readers Novel by Belinda R. Baker
Illustrations by Malcolm Horton
Published by Eco Ark Entertainment Books
ISBN: 978-0-615-35021-9
A young bottle-nose dolphin comes of age while saving his herd from an ominous Dark Wave.

Why do dolphins leap from the sea? Could it be that they are longing to escape their watery realms and the threats they encounter due to human apathy and greed? Are they searching for peace or to escape the surly bonds of Earth and return once again to their home in the stars..the cosmic realms from whence they came..and fly yet again, unencumbered and free, to soar like the angels through the heavenly seas.

Finney the Star Breacher takes us on a mystical journey into the magical world and undersea realms of the dolphin. With beautiful, evocative, dream-like illustrations, this imaginative, heart-warming story will inspire and delight young and old alike.

Much of the story is written in rhymes and lovely, lyrical prose, and while some of the content is quite sophisticated and the vocabulary advanced, the writing is highly descriptive and the story straight forward, making it easy for middle school readers to enjoy and even most younger children to appreciate and understand.

The language has a serene, calming quality that is sure to stimulate the imaginations of readers of all cultures and ages, and the educational components, with all the fun and interesting ‘Fin Facts’ is also a nice addition.

Finney is a glorious and enchanting story with visually stunning illustrations that will thrill dolphin and whale lovers the world over; a modern-day fantasy with a classic, timeless quality.

The Finney story was created by Eco Ark founder Belinda R. Baker. The inspiration and heart of the story is based on Belinda’s love for wildlife and the ocean. The book was lovingly illustrated by visionary artist Malcolm Horton, a founding member of Greenpeace and a life-long advocate of animals and the environment. Both book and the artwork are for sale and available on and our website:




Belinda is the founder and creative visionary behind the Finney series and Eco Ark Entertainment. Her goal is to build a company that reflects time-honored values in the form of life-affirming, family-friendly entertainment and ‘green’ toys & products. All of Eco Ark’s projects and products will blend Belinda’s spiritual beliefs and creative passions with her extensive experience in the business and entertainment industries.


A life-long supporter of numerous animal welfare and conservation organizations, Belinda spent several years researching marine mammals and consulting with wildlife experts for the writing of Finney the Star Breacher.


Concerned about the many threats to the health of our seas and endangered marine life, Belinda saw the opportunity to develop a series of books and films that would educate and entertain while enlightening the world to the dire condition of our seas. Hoping to inspire young readers to protect animals and their habitats, she has cleverly incorporated both fact and fantasy into her exciting fictional adventure.


A native of Lexington, Kentucky and the last of six children, Belinda comes from a family of authors and educators. Deeply spiritual, Belinda has incorporated her love of philosophy, nature and spirituality into her writings, as well as her life. Her style blends a poetic flare with her visionary ideals and passionate concern about wildlife conservation and the environment. A successful entrepreneur whose background includes work in television and film, Belinda hopes to bring the Finney story to the big screen soon! An avid environmentalist and animal lover, Belinda currently lives in the quaint town of Lebanon, Ohio just north of Cincinnati and is presently working on the next installment in the Finney series: Finney and the Great Arctic Adventure.

Learn more about Belinda Baker and her mission to protect dolphins and all the world’s endangered wildlife on her website