More snarl than snipe, Slice is one big bad shark who is losing his bite. An aging ruler struggling with the changing times and imbalances in the sea, he has an inferiority complex because he’s losing control and most of his teeth. His self-conscious struggles with his receding gum line and his territory’s decline fuel his search for the infamous blue pearl to restore his fearsome image and prominence in the ocean world. Though his rotting gums and cold smelly breath are paralyzing, underneath all his bravado, Slice is just a big softy at heart; an innocent who just eats to survive. Slice is always trying to live up to his cold-blooded, killer reputation but doesn’t quite have the “Jaws” for it, fearing that deep down he’s not the invulnerable, ferocious predator he’s supposed to be but just “small jowls in a big sea with a belly full of mercury.”


Though Slice strikes up an unlikely and respectful relationship with Dolphin King Infinetto, most of the sharks blame the dolphins for the declining numbers of fish and are embattled with them. But when Slice witnesses young Finney rescuing his son who’d become entangled in a long line, he becomes Finney’s friend and ally.


Preferred Celebrity Voice: Ted Danson