Dan St. Pierre


Daniel St. Pierre has a varied history in the motion picture industry. In 1981, fresh out of CSUN film school, Mr. St. Pierre was employed as an Assistant Layout artist at Filmation Studios and worked as a storyboard artist, layout supervisor, background painter, and animator on many hit television series including, “Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids”, “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”, “Shera Princess of Power” and “The Real Ghostbusters”. Mr. St. Pierre made the switch to Feature Animation when he was hired by The Walt Disney Company as a Journeyman Layout Artist on “The Little Mermaid”.

Over the next 15 years, St. Pierre supervised design for many of Disney’s blockbuster films and ultimately Art Directed Walt Disney’s “Tarzan”, which garnered the Academy Award in Science and Technology for its acclaimed “Deep Canvas” process. It also honored Daniel with an Annie Award nomination for Art Direction. Following his Disney years, Mr. St. Pierre supervised motion picture visual development at Dreamworks Animation and was the Production Designer on the hit film “Shark Tale”. Daniel’s directing debut came when IDT Entertainment called him to assist with the completion of Christopher Reeveʼs animated feature “Everyone’s Hero”.In addition to consulting for animation and live action films, Daniel has completed Directing and Art Directing, “Quantum Quest – A Cassini Space Odyssey”, a wide screen, stereoscopic production for Digimax, Inc. and NASA/JPL, and has recently completed Summertime Entertainment’s “Legends of Oz – Dorothy’s Return” on which he served as Director and Production Designer. Daniel is currently working with Paul McCartney and RGH Entertainment on the film, “High in the Clouds” based on Mr. McCartney’s book of the same name, and is cultivating diverse entertainment projects including story development for Immersive Entertainment Inc. – a Virtual Reality content creation company.  Dan is currently affiliated with and co-founder of Animation Consulting Corporation.